Jim's Link Lists



Jim's Top 10

These are my favorites of all the other links. The links on this page are also found in other categories. But if you only have time to see a few sites before you go, these are them.

Weekly Sites

These sites present news or information or art that changes over time. I look at these every few weeks.


Friends, family, acquaintances that have sites on the web.

Fun Sites to Browse

Sites that have amused me for hours. You might like to waste an hour of your evening looking through some of these sites. Some are funny, some are just interesting.

Fun Photo Sites

These are also fun, but fun because they offer some great photos.

Odd People on the Web

I've come across a few web sites that made me sit back and shake my head. I love the diversity of the human race; it takes all kinds to make life interesting. Check out these sites and tell me if you think they are for real.

Interesting People

Then there are folks on the web who have sites that were compelling for some reason. I keep that list here.

Reference Sites

Sites I've used for reference information. When I find a site that has some information of value I log it here so I don't forget.

Unusual Businesses

Real businesses, as far as I can tell, that offer unusual products or services. From fried pork skins to rocket engines. They seem real, but some are humorous in their search for the all mighty buck.

Interesting Businesses

Also real businesses, but on a more serious note. You might even want to use these some time.

U.S. Politics

Sites I've run across that either follow the American political discourse, or create it.

Single Malt Scotch

Links to some good sites, and a few notes of my own.


Sites about railroads or model railing around the world.


As you might imagine, stuff on fishing


These sites document something historical. Maybe it's of value, maybe it should have been forgotten. In any case, the story is on these sites.


Sites for places I'd like to travel to sometime.