Jim Schrempp

Jim's Links to Friends

The personal web sites of friends, family, and acquaintances.


Friends on the web

  1. Paul Williamson - PSP!
  2. Brother Bob and Kate
  3. Erling Wold, a composer of great operas
  4. Thom Blum, fixed media musician
  5. Ray Redmon travels around the world, The Geezer Traveler
  6. Cousin Peggy Kolm - science blogger
  7. Steve and Patty's page
  8. Kyle Hurlbut in London (of course they're in California now...)
  9. The Grady Family - travel photos and recipes, plus their own art
  10. John and Lois Hassan
  11. HP3000 Alumni eGroup

Friends' Business Web Sites

  1. Steve Bernstein - segmented wood turnings
  2. Sue Marek - stained glass
  3. Cindy Stokes - fine art photography
  4. Larry Russell - investing advice, The Skilled Investor
  5. Georgia - handmade bags, Coastal Seams
  6. Cousin Brian and his art, Atomic Bear Press
  7. Richie Unterberger writes about rock n roll and travel
  8. Karen and Rod - real estate, The Wolff Group
  9. Narinder and Pankaj - rental property tax help, SimplifyEm
  10. Lanajean  Groovy Clothes
  11. Lynn Rutter - fine art murals and decorative painting
  12. Laura - travel writing, with a book about Northern California
  13. Chris - software consulting
  14. Jim and Nancy Vincler - the best writing teachers around
  15. Harry Sterling - real estate
  16. Berta - fashion shop

Friend's who have been on the web somewhere

  1. Hal Prince wins the 2006 Senior Spelling Bee

Sites of Some People I've Met or Know Of or Just Ran Into

  1. Fort Boise, blogger of interest
  2. Tim Perkis, musician
  3. Monica Ashton, jazz piano (we saw her at the Blue Rock Shoot as VanAsh)
  4. David DeRosa, artist
  5. SpiraLinks, friends of Steve and Patty
  6. Paul Terhorst, my guru (although he doesn't know it)
  7. Christopher Hawley, singing at The Network
  8. Stan Sieler
  9. Oren Sreebny, IT blogger
  10. Cinnie Nobel, conflict management consulting
  11. PamelaZ was running tickets at the tape music festival in SF