Jim Schrempp

Jim's Links to Fun Sites


Web sites that are just fun to run around on. If you're looking to waste an hour (and the Tappet Brothers are not on the air), check out these sites.


These are sites I think require special mention

  1. Urban Exploration - the inside of cities
  2. Harmless Pranks - also check out his "how much is inside" - excellent
  3. Know where to look for satellites in the night sky
  4. Peeps - the research (They appear to be down! Shoot!)
  5. 20 Questions - the computer is amazing, incredibly amazing
  6. Web Collage gives you a constantly changing set of images from the web - but not always safe for work or young eyes!
  7. Pictures of the entire California coastline - Wow!
  8. Stumble Upon - a community to discover the web. I am addicted. When you need more links, this is the place to go.

(I thought that would be harder than it was. These are the best I've found.)