Jim Schrempp

Jim's Political Links

Some are serious, some blasphemous, some humorous, but all offer a bit of insight into the politics of our country.


Riffs (or should that be rifts?) on the origin of species

  1. More Answers from the NCSE
  2. YAACS - Yet another anti-creationist site in a nice Q&A format
  3. Pastafarians - Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, a rather funny way to address the problem.

Banging on corporations - they don't all deserve it!

  1. Creative Commons - Some brilliant legal work.

Banging on The Government - but the government does a lot of good too!

  1. US DoD - the official site
  2. Privacy.org - Information about remaining free.
  3. EFF - Keeping the Internet a free place.
  4. Propaganda - a historical perspective, umm, but some of the examples are current!

Data for an Open process

  1. How we vote
  2. Where They Stand - Every politician on every issue. Very informative.
  3. The Memory Hole - A site that keeps an archive of war photos that the government was reluctant to release.
  4. Who gives and who takes - An interesting set of statistics about what states get more tax dollars than they pay.
  5. The Smoking Gun - Documents they gather from all over the place. Lots of scanned images.

Banging on The Moral Right

  1. The American Taliban - An interesting approach.
  2. The Evil Bible - These guys are way too extreme, but if you need to balance someone who's thumping on your chest, this might help.

Banging on the Media

  1. Independent Media Newswire - not exactly banging on the media.
  2. Pro Publica, journalism in the public interest
  3. The Center for Investigative Reporting is another organization that is trying to save society.

Political Groups

  1. MayDay PAC Trying to fix our political system, one dollar at a time.
  2. MoveOn - I supported them before the 2004 election, but now their discussion groups don't resonate with me. I don't think our "number one issue" is moving solar power forward...
  3. MoveOn PAC - ... but their political action committee is more professional and more focused.
  4. Moderate Republicans would be a godsend. Instead we have these dopes who oppose them.