Jim's Links to Reference Sites - General


These sites have given me good information. I keep them here so that I can find them again. 


Good Reference Sites

  1. Aerial relief maps of the world!
  2. Pictures of Peaks all over the world - a mountain climber's resource
  3. Pictures of the entire California coastline - Wow!
  4. Kelly Blue book - how much is your car worth? Click on "find blue books" and "history" for fun
  5. Library of Congress
  6. Consumer Info from the government
  7. Dermatology information
  8. The science behind the news 
  9. Political Claims - True or False
  10. World Time - Current time in all zones

Information about the Internet

  1. An archive of the entire web: The Wayback Machine
  2. Protect Free Speech on the Internet, read some take down notices
  3. Host your own Blog
  4. Hoaxes Debunked
  5. Wikipedia - A cooperative encyclopedia - you can help out!
  6. The Computer History Museum (in Mt. View)
  7. ShieldsUp! PC security test - do it!
  8. @usa.net Email forwarding service - if you want to pay to be free from the Googleplex

Software that you need

  1. SpyBot Search and Destroy - finds and removes spy ware on your PC
  2. Ad Block Plus - keeps all those crappy ads off your web sites
  3. Facebook Purity - this is a must have if you use Facebook

Sites that help you with investing

  1. My own step by step planning guide!
  2. Bonds - An explanation of a bond ladder.
  3. Exchange Traded Funds - Links to some education about them.
  4. Securities Exchange Commission - Insider trading and other cute info
  5. The Skilled Investor has lots of articles on investing strategies. Run by an old friend of mine.
  6. Financial Engines provides portfolio planning includes specific recommendations about what to buy and sell. I use it.
  7. Wealthfront is a risk managed investment company