Jim Schrempp

Jim's Links to Interesting Businesses


These are nice businesses that you might want to use too. I keep the list here so that I remember to use them.


Interesting Businesses

  1. Amazon filler helps find a small purchase to get you free shipping
  2. The Ice Hotel
  3. Fine Art Murals, from Erling
  4. Coffee from Nancy Bjork
  5. Henry's House Of Coffee serves the best cup of joe I've had
  6. Santa Cruz Wines
  7. Alibris out of print book source
  8. Audio books
  9. The Great Courses, I've listened to several of their lecture series
  10. Computer History Museum
  11. Rare green teas with photos
  12. One phone number to ring all your phones, free
  13. How much is your house worth?

Businesses I like a lot

  1. KFOG
  2. Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society
  3. Adagio Tea - I buy my Dragonwell tea via the web.
    (This is a nice place too: Tea via the web)
  4. Other businesses I use

Chocolate on the web

  1. E. Guittard makes excellent chocolate
  2. Chocosphere sells Guittard varietal chocolate (buy the Ecuadorian)
  3. Scharffen-Berger fine chocolate

Here's a description of the E. Guittard variety that I swooned over.

The Ecuador Nacional cacao bean is a unique trinitario whose history is associated with the older cacao plantations in Ecuador. It has become a variety in its own right over a long period of time due to its uniqueness. It has traditionally been used as a key flavor bean in dark chocolate blends. Alone, Ecuador Nacional produces a chocolate that has strong, green herbal qualities, a spiciness, is more astringent than other cacao beans, and has no acidity. The flavors of Ecuador Nacional linger long in the mouth. Use this chocolate in desserts that have high butter and cream contents. [or just eat little bits of it until you pass out from joy.]