Jim Schrempp

Jim's Links to Fun Sites


Web sites that are just fun to run around on. If you're looking to waste an hour (and the Tappet Brothers are not on the air), check out these sites.


These are sites I've had a good time browsing. I hope you do too.

  1. Web cams
        and ones in San Francisco  
        and Africa
  2. Bad Designs
  3. Folding Paper Toys - plans!  You need to click around a bit to get it.
  4. Optical Illusions on the web
  5. Unworkable Machines
  6. Urban Exploration - the inside of cities
  7. Flong - offers interesting examples in visualization (ex, popular numbers)
  8. Harmless Pranks - also check out his "how much is inside" - excellent
  9. Randi debunking faikers
  10. Make magazine - you should go to their show
  11. Robot Wars in SF every year
  12. Know where to look for satellites in the night sky
  13. My restaurant guide

These are meant to be funny, see if you agree.

  1. Peeps - the research (They appear to be down! Shoot!)
  2. Furby Dissection Information

Fun things to play with

  1. Anti-Tetris - the idea is to build a tall tower
  2. Police Sketch Artist - try to make your own face
  3. Find your own political compass
  4. Mr. Picasso Head - make your own modern art (search the site for "schrempp")
  5. 20 Questions - the computer is amazing
  6. Vector Park, a time waster; click on the left most one
  7. Soda straw drawings
  8. Fireworks all the time, from Nancy B again.

And there are these shockers

  1. Home made cruise missile
  2. Web Sites that Suck - he probably thinks mine sucks too
  3. Enter the world of the lounge lizard
  4. The Wizard of Oz vs Pink Floyd
  5. Hate your modem?

Alternative Press Sites of Interest

  1. Atomic Bear Press. Cousin Brian's place.

Just Interesting

  1. Long Live Estonia!

Building Community With the Internet

  1. Bookcrossing - leave a book somewhere and see who picks it up.
  2. Meet-Up - find people near you with similar interests