The Schrempp Family Web Photo Album

Here's a few photos and other noise about my family.

Mom and Dad are the leaders of our little clan, Ben and Eileen Schrempp. They live in Pacifica, California.
Jimbo. Jim is the eldest and author of this site. In 2007 I turned a nice shade of 50. (Click the image for more history on me)
Mike and ... Schrempp. Mike is sibling number 2. He now lives in Gig Harbor with his great wife. She did a most excellent 40th surprise for him, quite a while ago.
Nancy and Greg Haldeman and Steven and Emily. Nancy is the third. She now lives in upstate NY with husband Greg and the first grandkids, Steven and Emily. We also had a 40th birthday for Nancy.
Bob Schrempp and Katie Rosenbrock. Then comes Bob. He works at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as a programmer. They had a very nice wedding. And here's another picture of Katie.

We have some pics of the extended family too.

Mom's side of the family:

  • Peggy has put together a web site with some pictures and information on the Kolm Great-granparents in Oregon around 1910.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Kolm (Kay and Lee). Used to work for NBC Radio in SF. Grandma was a super weaver and belonged to the local guild. Some of her work even won awards! 
  • Mom's older brother, Rich Kolm. Used to work at East Bay MUD and is a train enthusiast. Rich is married to Jackie Mabry Kolm. We lost Rich in 2009. I miss his conversation and interest in the things I do. He was a great uncle. 
    1. Their daughter Peggy Kolm finished her graduate work at MIT as an embryologist/molecular biologist and is married to Dr. Gene Huh, another concerned with the machinery of life. Peggy has done some research into this side of the family - check it out. Gene played with a popular band, The BoXKutters. The BoXKutters broke up and now Gene plays gigs around the southland.
    2. Their son, Brian Kolm is a freelance animator and artist with his own website.
  • Mom's younger brother, Dave Kolm, owned a great furniture shop in Hayward, CA. His wife Marian was a school teacher. They are now retired and travel the world, although Dave still keeps his hand in the sales world.
    1. Daughter Debbie has three great kids, Lauren, Alex, and Kathleen.
    2. Son Ken lives a life of adventure.

Dad's side of the family

  • Grandma and Grandpa Schrempp (Edith and Joseph). Grandma lived in Concord for many years.
  • His sister Frances Orput is semi-retired and involved with her church.
    1. Brad and Claudia and family live in Carson City.
    2. Wade lives in the east bay and works in IT.
    3. Matt was an electrical engineer and passed away several years ago. He was a great guy.
    4. Craig and La Von and family live near Portland.

Shots of the Gang

1999 - Three Generations in Saratoga



Some family names that we research (well, if someone writes we write back):