Jimbo through the years

Other family photos
June 2006: Here I am dog tired after all day in the sun for my parent's 50th anniversary. February 2006: Hanging out in Sea Cliff above the cement boat.


January 2005: Our last visit to The Oaks spa in Palm Springs, CA. They have now torn it down :-( July 2005: Laguna Beach


July 2004: At a San Jose Giants game in municipal stadium. 2004: Cold as can be in Twain Harte


2003: Pine Mountain Lake 2003: Clowning in Laguna Beach


1998: Mike's 40th surprise party.  


December 1996: 39+ years old at the Dragonwell tea factory in China  



If you got this far you must be interested. Here are a few photos Mom sent down. Luckily she didn't send any of my six year old butter ball shots.

1957 - 3 months (cute baby? moi?)

1957 - 3 months (jolly joker)

12/57 - 8 months


5/58 - 13 months (biggest toilet yet)

11/65 - 8 years (Opie)

12/65 - keep your eyes on the stars!




12/66 - (Neuman!)