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Nancy is 40!

Nancy and Greg came out from Wappinger's Falls for a family visit. We decided to make it a surprise 40th birthday party.

We told Nancy that while she was out we'd do a surprise family party for Mom, but we all knew it was for Nancy.   It's hard to surprise a person who's turning 40 and has to travel 1500 miles to attend "someone else's" party. Yet Nancy wasn't expecting the breadth of attendees. 

To throw her off the track we first went to the zoo and played around for a while.

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This is Emily

And this is Steven


The slide was fun for everyone . . .emilyslide.jpg (25038 bytes)

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. . . even Greg gave it a try!


We did a little clowning around with the camera.

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And at last we had the big party.

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Nancy, Greg and kids

Dad and Katie


The whole family made it, sans Grandma Schrempp - she's not really up for long drives - and Rich and Jackie - they were AWOL on the Island of Mann having a super time on an excellent vacation. Mike, Bob and Katie came. Nancy's kids are really cute and so well behaved that it made the whole day go well. Sometimes we all just stood in a circle and watched Steven and Emily spin around in circles.

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Katie and Dennis

Me and Mom

Fran came from Concord. Ed, Pat, and Dennis were down from Seattle. We don't get to see them too often, and they're fun folks to have around. Peggy and Gene came over and so did Dave and Marian.  It was just a great time.

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Peggy and Gene

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Marian and Bob

Steve and Mom

Mom was happily prepping Nancy for the big presentation of the birthday cake when, surprise, the cake was for mom! That certainly caught her by surprise.  Then Ed Hanna reminded us that his 81st was just three days earlier. Yeow. Birthdays all around. We got some good group shots, and the party gave us a chance for a three generation shot of the family.

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Three Generations (big pic)

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Here's the whole gang (less cameraman Bob)


And Mike,
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   did you borrow the camera?feets.jpg (21506 bytes)


How are we going to surprise Bob in two years???