Wade Orput turns 40!


More Fun with My Friends

June 97

I'm not sure I know anyone else quite as old as Wade... We had a great party, thanks to the fantastic planning of Denise. It took Wade by complete surprise; I don't think he even wanted to enter the room when we were all yelling "surprise."

This was my first digital photo outing and so some of these are pretty bad. At the same time, some are pretty funny. I came away without a good picture of either Wade or Denise. My apologies. I hope you all find these fun anyway.

(As always, I'll remove any photo if someone just asks!)

What the hell is going on here?

Looks like adult games to me!

Wow, everyone get's to have a good time.

And, do we really know what's going on here?


Thanks again Denise. It was an excellent time.