My Opinions

Opinions, opinions, opinions. I don't mind hearing yours. The question is, do you want to hear mine?

I rant and rave about some things. If you want to know how I think, this is the stuff to read.

Books I like and some I don't. You will find some off beat choices here.

Movie recommend ations - just a few.

Restaurants that tickled my palate.

Board Games - only a couple, all tested by me!

Travel destinations.

Places to stay where I've enjoyed myself.

Recipes that I've personally tested many times.

Businesses I use. You might want to use them too.

Who Am I?

  • The Jim FAQ. A few tidbits about my life.
  • My journal - it goes way back to 1997 when I first put up this web site. Well, that was certainly a long time ago.