My College Buddies

We met at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It is one great town and we all lived in the Yosemite dorms our first year there.

Since then we've stayed in contact. Rick is a big time civil engineer in the Southland. Tom runs his own grinding company (biggest grinder in the west). Ron is busy upgrading semiconductor fab lines. Dave teaches youngsters in the Bay Area. Diane grows seeds for a living.

Every year we try to go on a camping trip. These days camping is parking a car, setting up a tent, lighting up a cigar, and pouring out single malt scotch (or diet coke).

Once a year Rick, Sheila, the boys and Kimi go camping with Joe's family at Don Pedro. And of course we party when someone gets older.

I also do a lot with Bob and Carolyn and friends. For instance, July 4, 1997 BBQ.