Raives turn 40 in LA

As Surprised by Angela Bronson


Well, it worked... sort of. Angela had called everyone and had it planned out well. We'll come down from San Jose, Tom is driving from Whittier. Angela brought in friends and family from all over the basin. Rick has helped in the planning and thinks this is just a surprise party for Sheila; he doesn't know that any of his college buds will be there. Joke's on him.

Angela called last week to invite them down to her place for a party she was having. Food is ordered. All is ready. Rick's only job is to convince Sheila to show up on Saturday. Trouble is, Sheila don't wanna' go. An if Sheila don wanna go, Sheila ain't gonna go!

Fish Man Rick

Sheila and Kim

Jean and Gary

Rick keeps casually mentioning Angela's party. Nah, kids have soccer. Rick gets to the soccer coach and he lies to Sheila that the game is cancelled. Nah, we'll get a sitter and go out. Rick gets to the sitter and she lies that she can't take the kids. Rick's folks call Sheila to wish her a happy birthday. "Doing anything romantic tonight?" "Nah." How about Angela's party? Nah.

Finally Rick is at his wits end (it doesn't take too much) and he breaks down and tells her, "We have to go to Angela's, it's a surprise party for you!" "Oh, OK."

As they walk in the door Sheila fakes a mild surprise, but the big shock in on Rick. He doesn't know the party is also for him! Ho, ho, ho. Rick's a bit amazed. Kimi is there. So are his folks and brother's family. Kim, Angela, a host of other friends are all attending. Ed cooks up some super burgers, Kimi gets beers for everyone, gifts galore, and a special set of homemade cards from Viv and Ed. And the best present of all? Viv and Ed are taking the kids for the night.

Ed and Kimi

Viv and Tom


Ron, Tom, Gloria, Dave

Jim as seen by Kevin

It's always nice to get the boys together. And I mean that to include Gloria, Sheila, and June!




Big news: Rich took advantage of the El Nino effect to catch a 12 foot long, 200 pound marlin off the coast of Ventura. Yes, Ventura California. An incredible fish story. Rick had a sample of some smoked fish he claimed was marlin, but we still didn't believe it until he pulled out a set of photos taken in his front yard. Wow, it was a big fish. Of course they didn't have a way to get it in the boat so Rick had to bash its brains out with a baseball bat before they yanked it over the gunnels.


Mathew "Use the force, Luke"

Mathew's mom, Cindy


After it's all done we retire to Tom's room for  liar's dice, Cheeto's, tonic, and gin. A couple of these gingingin and tonics and you'll do anything. Just to prove it Dave hits the floor for 50 pushups; this entertainment only cost us $30.

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