Don Pedro

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June 97

We had a great time this year up at Don Pedro. I don't have much to say about the trip; this page is just a way to intro the pictures. This was the first year I've used my Casio digital camera. The shots of water skiers suffered from too high a contrast. The camera just couldn't handle bright water and dark hills. I was hoping to zoom in on a skier or two but there isn't enough detail in them to show anything when they get blown up.

Here's a recap of the day in photos.

Here's Dave, Rick, Neal, Janette, and Shiela on board.

Here's Joe on his new boat.

And the super patio boat.

We gave Neal the camera and here's what his world looks like.

Of course, Kevin got a chance too.

And here's how the adults viewed the camping.


Kim and Jared

Neal with his own beer!

On the water.