Other stories with my friends

I guess you could call it that. We're not in hotels.

Well, we're back from the '96 camping trip. This time we spent the weekend in Choinumni Park outside of Fresno, California. We wanted to be near water, and the camping trip was right next to the river. A great place to catch some z's; poor place to catch fish. Did we ask for running water? Guess we forgot to, 'cause there wasn't any. "Going a few days without a shower won't hurt anyone."

Each morning we watched the cleaning crew come by the pit toilets and sweep their way through the place. Diane clocked 'em at three minutes twenty seconds to do all four heads. When we went back in, the places were still, well . . .

Drank a few beers, smoked a few cigars, and cheated a tad at Uno. (Sorry Diane.) and at Old Maid (sorry Michael).

Now I'm back home and these are the pics. Enjoy!

Dave Diane Rick
Ron, Tom, and Michael Brandy Smile when you say that!