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I've mentioned before that facebook has seductively taken over my web blogging. For short mentions of things FB is just so much quicker and easier. And with FB I often get feeback from my close friends, even if it is just the proverbial "thumbs up." The things I write on this web site are visible to the entire world; I get a few thousand hits a month, and occasionally someone will write after reading something here.

So now this web site has become a place for more long form writing and organized photo essays. Both things that FB is not so good at.

For a few years these two worlds have been separated in space, if not in time. But now the online world changes! Facebook allows me to download all of my FB history, photos, etc, in a nice neat form. I've split the longest files into a few shorter ones. I've also removed the names of everyone who posted on my wall. I have removed a few stupid comments, but only a very few. Most remains intact.

I won't write journal entries that go on and on about "Sam visited in April. Buddy came by in June for a drink..." If you want all that drivel, now you can get it in FB format. Enjoy!

Facebook Journals