My Short Stories

Now you know - I'm a closet author. Nothing published, unless you count letters to the editor, and that one odd recipe for BBQ in the Merc News. This whole web site started as a vanity press. I figured I could put my stories out here and let a niche of fans from all over the world develop. Then I discovered that few people would find my site unless there was other content they were interested in: duh. I added jokes as a first step. The search engines loved them and people blasted by. One of my Paris reports was getting a lot of traffic. Looking into it I found that a single mention of Feijoada was attracting all the attention. Thus my recipe pages were born. A similar event led to the creation of my restaurant reviews. These pages bring in web surfers and sometimes they stay and read my stories.

Now this site has grown large enough, and I have grown bold enough, that I think it's time to have an index to the stories. You can find these by weaving your way through the rest of my site, or you can read them all from here.

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Writings that are only found through this page

Other writings from around my site