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2 August 2003
Saratoga, CA 

Dear Friends and advisors,

It is with some sadness that I report to you my decision to not run for governor of the state of California. Several factors have influenced my decision.

First, it appears that the pinko forces of yellow journalism have again struck. While the initial reports of needing only 65 signatures was correct, it did not tell the entire story. A candidate must have 65 signatures from "members of their own party." I have a habit of changing my party affiliation depending upon the pending election. The last time I changed my affiliation, I became a Libertarian. I am certainly willing to change again, but the constitution once more stymies ordinary citizen participation by requiring a candidate to maintain the same party affiliation within 30 days of filing candidacy papers! While I'm sure we could have delivered 65 Democrat or Republican or Peace and Freedom supporters, I understand that there may not be 65 registered Libertarians in California and Nevada combined.

Secondly, second thoughts crept into mind over the loss of personal privacy. Not that I have much to hide, but tossing a hat into the ring makes one a "public figure" and the laws covering slander and libel are virtually non-existent for public figures. My intention was to be the only wacko on the ballot (except for Schwarzenagger and Simon), and this could have created a frenzy from the same fascist elements just mentioned. I had visions of young people claiming to be my illegitimate children and bogus video tapes of me fully inhaling on CNN.

Thirdly, it was my intention to be the only wacko on the ballot. Guess what? As of last count, there are 296 candidates running for governor of California. It seems like the candy bar will be chock full o' nuts. My own shrill cry for attention would be lost in a ballot list longer than my forearm. And some of these card carriers have real claims to be on the ballot. I understand there are two G. Davis's and at least two D. Issa's who have taken out papers. This full field also reduced the keepsake value of the ballot. Imagine me sitting in a retirement home showing friends the time I was "one of only 300 people running for governor. Yep, that's me right there, in the small print, see? Number 246. Yesseree bob, I was hot stuff." Holy shades of Al Bundy making the third touchdown.

It has been an E-ticket ride for us. The planning sessions for how to get the signatures were stimulating. I enjoyed meeting in small groups to plot my political strategy. I remember fondly considering canvassing the state and speaking at $1,000 a plate dinners. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the extensive internship program I was planning. The remaining $1.42 in the campaign fund will be used to improve low income housing in San Carlos; I know you can all appreciate what this will mean to the community.

Alas, this will not be our election. I am sure - no absolutely positive - that had we gone forward, together we could have insured that I would not be elected governor of the great state of California. I am now releasing all of you to other pursuits. It is not too late for you to get involved in another campaign. I am sure that you can effectively keep someone else from winning this election.

Go to it team!

My fondest regards to you all,

Jim Schrempp