Separated At Birth?

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I'm a fan of Amy Sedaris - and her brother for that matter. They are good for laughs at any time. I used to hear him on NPR; now I watch her on Letterman. (She has a new book out, I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence.)

So this Halloween the young girl from down the street came by dressed as a ghost. When she removed her hood I did a double take. It was like a young Amy - I mean an even younger Amy (no offense intended). It wasn't just the looks but she has the mannerisms too.

All night long I kept saying, "doesn't she look just like Amy Sedaris?" Unfortunately my friends kept saying "Amy who?" They thought I was nuts. Oh well.

You can tell me I'm wrong, but I see a likeness.


Here's one I found, but good friend Paul did the graphic assembly. (I have to learn to do this as well as he does!)

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 As far as I can tell, these two are from different universes, let alone different planets. I know HP does 3-D, but apparently the Nibiruan's do 9-D!



And then I tried to copy Paul's style in this one.  

I hate to take a shot at Mrs. Bush (what's she ever done to me?), but in the name of comedy I shall not waver. BTW, I did *not* alter the photos.


Here's one that Chuck Storla pointed out to me.

Nathan Myhrvold, chief propeller head, Microsoft Corp

Jim Schrempp, VP Audible Magic. 
Perhaps a little smarter; certainly a little less wealthy!

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