Halloween 2006

At the Zeh house on Elm


Once again our friends turned out in force for fun and odd fashions. I think more people came in costume than in previous years - thanks to everyone.

There was plenty of food and lots of kids. A few close friends couldn't make it, and we missed you.

Here's the recap.


Rob and Julie as the Orkin Mouse Control team.


Angela is getting the food ready.


Jean made the cakes.

  And Adam was ready for YouTube.


Lindy did a spectacular job on the icing.

Crotchety Dick and Hillary 



Hillary and Jean

  What Harry Whittington didn't see. *


Lindy's date? She knows how to pick 'em! He couldn't keep his ... hands ... off her.


Carol, Nancy, and Sandra Susan, Lindy, and that guy.


What's a party without a pirate? Richard and Lady Astor. Wendy as spidery woman


Photog Leonard and Camille Janet and Jackie Hal - national senior speling bee champion 2006 - no kidding


Morticia Addams Carol looking brilliant * Lindy *


With and without


Jean *



Spiderman Fred - the kids ran into the room
 expecting something a bit different

Princess Diane

Mary and Jim in Chinese garb  



"Carson the Pretty Good" came to do magic. He's getting pretty good at it. **

"How'd you do that?"


Imagine my surprise when the boys show
up as bums, only to be told "No, we're Jim!" 
But where did they get the idea for the big bellies?

Janet, Carolyn and Hal share a laugh with Fred.


Ruth and Pat **


    Sally kept saying "Brokeback Mountain" but
Lon said he was Larry the Cable Guy. **



Pepe Le Pue and his last conquest. The fight raged on, but eventually he got his way - doesn't he always?

Devil with the Blue Dress and Father
Richard who offers exorcisms - cheap


Jim with his imitators - careful boys, he's been known to cheat at Yatzee!

Sally's talking horse talking with Fred.


Hillary Clinton * Bob Torbenson * Mary Lough*


Jim and Dave * Chris * Brian Kolm *


Jackie and Brian * Carson Kan * Edie Sanford *


Mary King * Jen, JP, Denise *



Nancy Oliver * The Diarist *


Pat Motheral * Susan as Mother Earth * Ruth Stephens *


The Devil and the Pirate * Eve - she made the costume herself. *


Minnie Mouse * Mickey is ready for bed *


Angela's ceiling needs painting. *


Shy Sally ?  * Perhaps the church could use some bread? *


Hey little Mickey ** And young Minnie **


Sally rides on...

... with Dee and Edie **


"Aren't you Carson Kan?" **



You can tell me I'm wrong, but
I see a likeness.


Little soldiers inspired by The Gallery
of Regrettable Food. A great book for
this kind of thing.
Looks bad here, but the chicken mole was
 excellent this time. You can get the recipe here.


*   Photos courtesy of Leonard B (pounder.net)
** Photos courtesy of Sally and Lon