Supper Club - May 99


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This time Vance hosted and we all participated in the dinner.  The theme was Road Warrior, the results were excellent.


Appetizers, Carson.
carson9905.jpg (31369 bytes)  
spam9905.jpg (46524 bytes)

Solution: Potted Meat (a euphemism for Spam) on bread with deviled ham, mustard, catchup, and dandelions from the front yard.  Followed up with a tray of sushi.


janet9905.jpg (43795 bytes) saladcar.jpg (34104 bytes)

Janet brought the wine, Australian, and is shown here with my salad plate. Note the little vegetable car on top!


edie9905.jpg (23637 bytes)
Edie - stop playing with that - brought Rocky Road Warrior ice cream.   A home made combination in the kitchen.
lorainne9905.jpg (36527 bytes)

Lorraine's soup was Armageddon.  A tasty vegetable broth.


vance9905.jpg (35393 bytes) And our host, Vance.  His mixed vegetables (seen above with Lorraine) were roasted over an open flame. As were the Ostrich steaks.  Ostrich is the lowest fat content meat around - even lower fat than chicken! 


Hats off to Vance for hosting an excellent meal.  Next time? Forrest Gump.



Other Supper Club Events