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July 97: This weekend Ray and I finished up the wiring. It went well, except at the end when we noticed one light switch and fixture that had no power to it. Good thing we caught that before the drywall went in! Bob came over for a few drinks and light chatter. We also helped Bob dig a little bit of the foundation for his new addition. Thanks to Bob for the showers.

The Roadhouse
(see it in May 99)

A favorite stop going up



Ray in the living room

The view from upstairs


Looking back upstairs

The wiring is in


The altar at Ray's

Blue boxes

October 97: Margaret and Ray and I tested the new stove and it worked great. It was chilly outside in the early AM, but the house stayed warm all night. We finished up most of the insulation. Charlie, Bob, and Michael came down for a dinner and drink fest over Ray's day-long chili.Thanks to David for the showers. We had a nice stop on the way back at Real Goods in Hopland.

Ray and Margaret

That wonderful Jøtel

The view in October 97