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Just a little place to get away from it all...

Thanksgiving '97

What a wild time. This is a social occasion on the mountain. I was up to get away from it all, and wasn't going to hit the parties. Yet, once I was up there the spirit took me. These people on the mountain are so fun to be around that I couldn't stay home all the time. Here are some shots of the activities.  Ray's stew was super. Dean's breakfast bread sent tingles down our spines. Paul made an exceptional cassoulet (recipe). I brought an offering from The Cheesecake Lady.

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Brunch on the Mountain (note the drywall!)

Ray, Paul, and Carolyn

Charlie, Bob, champagne


Paula and Dean and a table of food

Pauli and Lotar


David relaxing

Photos of Mexico



The perfect couple

Margaret and Cody

And . . . Ray's Roadhouse has plumbing! (or at least a one holer, long drop, Daniel Booner)



Dave's in the woods

Bob and Ray not enjoying the 49er game