CSY c1980 Reunion 97



CSY Reunion 2007

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Yeowza. Thanks to the efforts of Vance and Michelle, the first CSY c1980 Reunion was a smashing success. Sometimes events conspire to create a cohort that becomes more than the individuals in it. We created an identity in CSY that was more than just lines on the org chart. Seeing the group get together 10 years after the org chart was shredded, tells me that there was more to CSY than a product and a set of paychecks.

On this site I'll add an email reference for as many as I can find. If you can identify any of the kids in the photos, let me know and I can add accurate descriptions. If you have pictures you'd like to add, it's best to send me jpg or gif files. (Thanks to Carol's sharp eye for the ID on so many photos.)

It was great to see all of you again. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.


Andy and Bob


Dave and Lisa

Jack B.

Bob and Dennis


Tess and Elyssa

Denise and Carol (and Nancy's back)

Scott and Wendy


Gail and Steve



Michelle and Gail

Rick's kids in the Miata

Elyssa, Tess and Austin Brown




Mo's son

Piņata time

Which way is it?

Swing Batter!

Keep out of her way. (Tess)

Need we say more?

Denise, Steve, Lisa

Sam Q


Big Bob