Retirement Planning



   You have found my old retirement planning page. 
   Since this was put out I have revamped the whole
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Links to other sites on the internet with good investing advice.

You are probably tired of my always talking about retiring early but by god, someone has to do it! I've played around with Reuters' Wealth Builder for so many years now that it's like talking with an old friend. Unfortunately that old friend won't tell you exactly how it's calculating for the golden years. I've put together a pretty simple Excel spreadsheet to show accumulating wealth, spending it, any eventually dying with some money in the bank.

You'll find that I make some very conservative assumptions; my theory is that if the conservative assumptions work then the real world is bound to work too.

If you come up with any questions or if you think you find an error, then please let me know so I can update the model. And please do it before I retire; I'd hate to have to go back to work.

(Thanks to Michelle's sharp eyes for the spell check!)