Englehorn Reunion '98

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The South Park, Colorado Odd Fellows

Your intrepid reporter, Jim Schrempp, reporting on the family reunion from Breckenridge Colorado.

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Friday was the family meeting. Nice to see all these people again. Craig Engelhorn, a long time home beer brewer, just this summer partnered with a guy in Lions to open a microbrew pub. They've bought the tanks, they've dug a cellar under the restaurant, and he hopes to make the first brew by the end of September.

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Mom at the Fairplay Hotel


Craig and Sandy and Family

The whole clan caravaned over the Continental Divide to Fairplay for lunch. We ate at an old restored hotel, the only one in Fairplay. I'd recommend it for an overnight stay.

We had the family dinner on the Copper Peak deck overlooking the ski slopes. As the bright sun slid behind the hills we told a few stories, drank a few beers, and just relaxed in the warmths of an alpine evening and family.

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I have to say that this is a beautiful part of the country when there's no snow on the ground. Skiing here has always been fun, but the snow covers much of the natural sights.   I'd like to come back and spend two weeks visiting these little towns, spending a night or two in each. Hiking around the countryside and taking a lot of pictures. The landscape is just fantastic.

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Wall Street in Arches National Park


Elinore and Meg

Many thanks to Jim and June Engelhorn for leading the '98 reunion!

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What the hell is this?


Dean, Ray, and Margaret found us there.