Look what they've done with my song...

    ...frontier justice


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I wondered when it would happen.  Someone deep linked to an image on my web site. They didn't link to a page in order to direct people my way, they linked to the image. So, an image from my site showed up in theirs. Every time someone looked at their page they would be taking the image from my site and using a little bit of my bandwidth. Those cads!

Unfortunately, you can't stop 'em. Fortunately, you can malign them. Since their link is to an actual file on my web site, they don't know what's in that file. If I change what's in that file, the new image shows up in the middle of their page. The fun in all this is figuring out what new image would be the most appropriate response.

I had a good time with this. As I find more, I'll document them here.