Restaurants: Los Gatos and Saratoga

Tested and reviewed ... by me!

Los Gatos and Saratoga


La Fondue in downtown Saratoga. Serves cheese and chocolate fondue, which is nice. You get to grill your own meats at the table too - very nice. Has the most undeservedly snooty service I've had. Don't go unless you have to. Try the Wine Cellar instead for fondue.

Wine Cellar Restaurant under Border's Book store in Old Town Los Gatos. Thanks to an email from Lisa there, she says they've been serving fondue since 1966.

Effies on Winchester, South of Camden.  OK food wrapped in green flocked wallpaper, reminiscent of a casino. A must see for you South Bay diners.


Hong's Gourmet in downtown Saratoga. Very, very good food with nice service. Emerald Chili Chicken and Spinach Tofu Soup are two of my favorites.


The Basin in downtown Saratoga.  The molasses short ribs were incredible. and the crème brulee ...


Bella Saratoga - 14503 Big Basin Way, Saratoga. After swearing off this due to spoiled shrimp and terrible service years ago, we tried it again and were pleased with the nice tastes and upgraded service. A beautiful old house in the downtown.

I Gotti in Los Gatos. In the old part of town, East of HW17. Very nice food in a relaxing setting.


Hachi Ju Hachi - 14480 Big Basin Way, Saratoga. Unusual and authentic Japanese food. Sushi, of course. Plus such oddities as pork belly in white-miso, and chicken in ginger rice-wine sauce. 

Lunch Places

Sweet Pea's on Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos.  Great selection of specials and Paris style crepes. Ummmm.

HTB - High Tech Burrito. Nice simple eats.

Happy Hound on Los Gatos blvd South of Lark.  This is the place that kept serving food during the '89 earthquake because they cook on gas. They made a lot of friends and have some juicy burgers.
408 358-2444

Rose Donuts on Saratoga Ave at Lawrence. Next to Radio Shack.  Donuts - yuck, but the sandwiches are simple and hearty. 408 379-3299

Rose International Market in downtown Saratoga has nice middle Eastern kabobs and such. Also in Mt. View. 408 867.1666

Dead Bird Chinese, so called because for months they had a little dead bird hanging under the eaves in front of the place. They didn't understand until I took them outside and pointed to the poor little guy. Good lunch. On Winchester in Los Gatos, next to Aldo's.


With Beer

Rock Bottom Brewery at the Pruneyard has some excellent beer and excellent food.   The food used to be OK, now it is great. Try the chicken breast with shrimp salsa.   Lou recommends the ribs.


Dio Deka offers "Hellenic Cuisine" in Los Gatos. The food was excellent, with unusual flavor combinations. Each plate was a great construction. Expensive, but worth it. 408.354.7700


Blue Rock Shoot  in downtown Saratoga, right on HW9. The atmosphere is fantastic. I go there every morning if I can. Serves beer and wine, pizza and salads in the evening. Memo the owner is a great guy.

Great Bear in downtown Los Gatos. The atmosphere is light and airy. The local runners stop in here to juice up.

Breakfast and/or BBQ 

Michael K's on Campbell at Bascom. AVOID. We used to go here all the time. Now they have big TVs tuned to Fox and we had to watch Rush and Ann Coulter screwin' around all through dinner. I almost puked. I tried to tell the management, but there is no way to contact them.


JC's on Saratoga Ave, just south of Williams - the absolute best ribs, but  -10 for atmosphere.

Sam's BBQ on Bascom near Kelly Moore just south of 280. Big bbq. On Wednesday night, maybe others, they have live blue grass music.


Casa de Cobre in Saratoga, 14560 Big Basin Way. Exceptional authentic food. Entotomado is incredible. Chili relleno stuffed with pecans? Great. But watch out for the $20 margarita.


None known.


Bangkok Palace in downtown Saratoga has  very good food.

The Mint Leaf in Saratoga, 14420 Big Basin Way. Asian fusion. Lollipop chicken. Tamarind prawns.


The Bank  in downtown Saratoga is a red flocked wallpaper and plastic Irish bar serving bottled beer. (Now with Guinness on tap!) A nice place to go when you want to camp on a bar stool for a while.