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August 2009

MyFriend went fishing at Lake Marie Lodge in Alaska. I considered going, but there was just too much to do at work this summer. Turns out the trip was a bust. They got 27-inches of rain that week which was a heart breaker, but it can happen. The deal breaker was that the lodging was not up to snuff. I hope to get some photos from him to post. In the mean time, here's an exchange...


MyFriend: had a very disappointing week at the fishing lodge :-(

Me: That's too bad. The photos of the lodge made it look so nice. Was it all a lie?

MyFriend: The photos were real but someone has an excellent eye for finding the best angle/shots.  I suspect that the best way to sum up the Lake Marie Lodge facilities would be to mention one of the highlights - apparently our toilet lever mechanism broke some time ago so they removed the tank cover and thoughtfully tied a string to the flapper so that you didn't have to reach into the water and operate it by hand. The plank of wood nailed into the Suzuki truck roof as a handhold for those...

Me: No need to say more.


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