Sweet Pasta Salad with Curry

This comes from UC Berkeley (the link appears dead now, used to be: http://soar.Berkeley.EDU/recipes/salads/pasta/pasta-currant1.rec) posted by Karen Mintzias. They credit Edena Sheldon in "Bon Appetit" August, 1991.

This cold dish is full of sweet things. It is a different pasta salad than I've made before. It got good reviews when everyone was sitting in the hot sun. It needs a crisp white wine, a fume blanc perhaps?, to cut into the tastes.

A. penne pasta, dried 1 pound  

Cook pasta in a lot of salted water until just tender to the bite. Don't overcook it.

When it is ready, drain it and rinse it under cold water to keep it from cooking any more. (If you're in a hurry for this, then dump the pasta into a large bowl of ice water.)

B. garlic 1 clove Quartered
salt 1 tablespoon  
Italian parsley, fresh 1 cup, packed  
  lemon juice 0.25 cup  
  red wine vinegar 0.25 cup  
  curry powder 1 tablespoon  
  sugar 0.5 tablespoon Don't add any more than this.
  cumin, ground 0.75 teaspoon  
  black pepper, ground 0.5 teaspoon  
  extra virgin olive oil 1 cup  

Blend garlic and salt to a paste in a blender.

Add parsley and mince. 

Blend in lemon juice, vinegar, curry, sugar, cumin, and pepper. 

While the blender is running, slowly add olive oil in a thin, steady stream. It should take at least 30 seconds to add the oil.

Pour the dressing over the pasta.

C. red onion 1 Finely chopped.
Kalamata olives 1 cup Pitted and sliced.
currants, dried 0.6 cup  
  pine nuts 0.6 cup Toasted
  cherry tomatoes small basket  

Add the onion, olives, currants, and pine nuts.   Chill two hours for flavors to blend.

Garnish with cherry tomatoes and serve.