Spicy Cream Cheese Spread

My own invention.

December 2009 - I first made this when we were invited to Kathy and Greg's for Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure about the cheese mouse appetizer and this was a backup. It turned out so good that I made it again for Georgia and Bill's, but this time I measured the ingredients.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Rest time: 1 hour
Appetizers for 10

A. cream cheese 8 ounces at room temperature
heavy cream  4 tablespoons  
prepared creamy horseradish 2 teaspoons  
  garlic 1 clove smashed and chopped very finely

Place the cream cheese and horseradish sauce in a stand mixer with half of the heavy cream. Beat on high until the cheese and cream are blended and all mooshed up. (Or use a deep bowl and a strong hand mixer. A blender won't work. If you're strong you could use a pastry knife, but I'm not that strong.)

Consider the consistency. When cold the dip will be tighter than it is now. Add more heavy cream if needed. You want the consistency to be flowing, but stiff.
B. chili powder 1 tablespoon  
sweet paprika 1 tablespoon  
  cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon  
Tabasco brand chipotle hot sauce 1 teaspoon  
  salt 1/2 teaspoon  

While the mixer is running on low, sprinkle the remaining ingredients into the mix. You will probably have to stop the mixer and scrape down the sides several times to get everything evenly incorporated.

Place in a bowl and refrigerate for at least one hour, or up to two days.
C. celery 1 cluster Washed and cut into sticks.
If you prepare the celery ahead of time, store it in the refrigerator submerged in a bowl of cold water.
  crackers (optional) physically strong ones   
  almonds, slivered (optional) 1/4 cup If you plan to make a cheese ball.

If you have stored the mixture in the refrigerator more than four hours, then remove it one hour before serving.

Three service options:

  1. Stuffed celery sticks - For final preparation, dry the celery with a paper towel. This will allow the cheese mixture to adhere better.

    Use a spoon to place the mixture into the zip lock bag. Try to fill the bag starting at one of the lower corners. Use scissors to cut a small piece off the corner of the zip lock bag. If you haven't done this before, then cut small - you can always cut it a bit bigger if you need to. Grab the opposite corner of the bag and twist the bag, forcing the cheese mixture down towards the hole you cut. Now gently squeeze the bag as you pipe the mixture into each piece of celery. Be gentle or your bag might split at the seams. (If you have just removed the mix from the refrigerator, then be especially careful. Tsk, tsk, you should have followed directions.)

    Arrange the filled celery stalks on a plate and serve.
  2.  Bowl of dip - Place the cheese spread in a bowl and serve with the celery. Perhaps add some physically strong crackers.
  3. Cheese ball - Cool the spread in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Form it into a ball. Press slivered almonds on to the surface. Aha! homemade cheese ball.