Jim's Quick Dinosaur Bones

Big Fred Flintstone type beef ribs

In 2001 my recipe for these ribs was published in the San Jose Mercury News! These ribs are big, meaty, and very easy to do. Kids love the huge bones. These aren't your fall-off-the-bone tender ribs, but they are done in under an hour! They are meaty, saucy, and chewy. And they are delicious for the time they take. If you need a BBQ fix right now, then this is it.

Since then I've made the recipe several times. Now I add three cloves of garlic and one dried Chipotle pepper to the water. (In the end that water was a weak but tasty soup base.) If you don't have time to start the grill, you can also broil the ribs in the oven on high. Put the ribs on a top rack so that they are really close to the coils. 

You can read about my brush with fame, but here's the proof.

scanned image of a recipe from the Mercury News

A. carrots 2 Cut into 2 inch pieces
celery 4 stalks Include the leafy top. Cut in half.
white onion 1 large  
  garlic 3 cloves Crushed
  chipotle pepper, dried 1 Remove the seeds if you worry about the heat.

Fill a large stock pot with water. Add ingredients and bring to a boil.
B. beef ribs 1 rack Cut into individual ribs.

Add ribs to the stock pot.

When the pot is almost ready to boil again, reduce heat to medium and simmer for 30 minutes
C. BBQ sauce 1 bottle I recommend Bulls-Eye Mesquite or Jake's Famous

Adjust oven rack to second from the top. Turn the broiler on high.

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Pour the BBQ sauce into long baking dish.

Drench each rib in the BBQ sauce and place on the baking sheet.

Broil the ribs until the sauce is just a bit burnt. Then turn the ribs and repeat on each side.


Of course, heat up the bar-b-que charcoal and grill the ribs over the coals.