Paper Fish

This one is an old favorite. The presentation is a bit dramatic - these odd paper packages are on each plate and then are sliced open and the fish slides out. In addition, cooking in paper contains the delicious aromas that escape with other cooking methods. Instead of your kitchen smelling of onion and ginger, that is all saved for your guests to savor at the table.

The fish cooks quickly so you'll need to have your side dishes ready to go. This is such a light meal that I often pair it with a few broccoli florets and boiled small red potatoes.

Another good benefit of this recipe: it keeps the fishy smells in the bag, not in your oven.

A. white fish 1/4 pound per person Cod is excellent. Halibut is good. Snapper works as well, but isn't as delicate.
green onion 1/2 per person sliced
ginger 6 small slices per person sliced into matchstick size
  button mushrooms 3 small per person sliced
  oil dab  
  parchment paper one square foot  

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees with a cookie sheet on a rack.

For each fish package: Lightly oil just the middle of one side of a parchment square. Place a piece of fish on it. On top of the fish place the green onion, ginger and mushrooms. Salt and pepper lightly. Fold the parchment over the fish and use a stapler to secure it. Fold over each end and staple them too. The whole package should be pretty tight.

Place all the fish packages on the hot cookie sheet in the already hot oven. 

1-inch thick cod takes about 12 minutes. Shark takes 18 minutes. Set your timer!

When the time is up put one package on each plate. At the table slice open one end and slide the fish onto the plate. Wow! The aroma is intoxicating.

OPTIONAL: Add two drops of sesame oil to each package. But ONLY two drops or it will overwhelm the dish.