Xmas In April '99

Once again we had an excellent time working over a home for Christmas in April.   Jay from Cisco organized the house and we had a group from Cisco and a large contingent of Friends of T.R.A.D.E. 

Three houses on this block were being redone. The owner of our house had lost her husband last year in a fishing accident and there was just too much work for her and her family to handle. Xmas in April came to help. We spent the day cleaning up the yard. We took out a ton, or three, of stuff. We had over 300 gallons of old paint and piles of painting gear. Fishing adventures had accumulated 500 pounds of lead waiting to become weights, and a vast assortment of fishing gear, old tackle boxes, gaffs, and a host of other miscellany to be thrown out. 

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Jay, our leader          

We kept things she could sell and the rest went into three and one half of those medium sized dumpsters; thanks to BFI for giving us those for free. The only snafu happened when a Volvo wagon with 30 partially filled 5-gallon paint buckets shows up at the recycling place and the guy there says, "we only take 10 gallons at a time."  Oooops. Our house captain did some fast phone calls and we were able to leave the stuff there to be dealt with on Monday.

If anyone has other photos to add, email them to me.

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