Ray's Place:

     Aqua Fresca June '01



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Well my friends, this trip was a watershed.  More specifically a HOT water shed.  Yes, the cabin is now plumbed and plumb cozy.  While the winter passed by Ray had his well dug, the down tank put in and a solar pump to push the water into the big tank. Now there's 2300 gallons of cool mountain water on tap.  Of course there's copper pipe in the walls of the cabin and Ray was thoughtful enough to have a water heater installed some time ago.  This weekend we hooked up the whole thing (really just turned on the valves and lit the pilot light). Viola, really hot water.

We took the time to string some hose and with a clamp, a board, and some bailing wire we had ourselves an out door shower. Man, that is the life. 


We needed that shower after the harsh bush whacking that Ray had going on. Wow, the weeds grow a lot. Luckily they were only knee high on this trip.  Still, too big to allow the annual bon fire. We'll be saving up for a bigger one next spring.


BTW, can you spot the down tank in this photo?


This weekend also gave us a chance to view the remarkable transformation of the ol' Jim Reed. It looks like the whole thing went through the fountain of youth backwards and got stuck half way.  The shiny new bed is fantastic and gives me an impression of what this powerhouse looked like new.  My god, hard to resist it.


Charlie's new building is a joy. The outdoor hot tub has a view across half of creation. The other half being viewable from the hanging chair landing.  
We enjoyed some gin and tonics while lounging under the polished redwood eaves. Then it was back to The Roadhouse for some smoked tri-tip. Ummmmm.

Margaret also showed a leg and brought up her friend Josh.  Mostly we embarrassed Margaret with our Beverly Hillbilly like antics. But, as is often the case with youth, I think her friend found us amusing. I remember as a young guy having a lot of fun watching the old folks "do their thing."  Anyway, Josh seemed cool, hip, a neat guy, real boss.  Hope to see him again.

Just to prove we had water, look at those dishes. With this much water it's a joy to be doing them - this once.

I had to post this shot just to show how destructive those woodpeckers can be.

Ray and Angela - it is too hot or too cold?

Can you spot Ray's cabin in these woods?