Angela's Kitchen Finished - at last


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Early April: We assembled the cabinets and screwed them to the wall.   With lots of help from Sean - thanks!
9905secondcabinet.jpg (24789 bytes)

Then we could put some stuff away.9905potsaway.jpg (32964 bytes)
Late April: And at last we had the cabinets in, all that remained was the counter top and sink.
9905done.jpg (29743 bytes)

9905countertop.jpg (27129 bytes)

The Home Depot guys messed us up a bit by forgetting to put in the order for our custom countertop. When we called after four weeks, one week longer than promised, they said, "Oh, uhhhh, that's a special special, unnnhhh that will take another three weeks."  Right.  So they put in the order and three weeks later we had the counter top.


9905perfectkitchen.jpg (23370 bytes) 9905livingroomdone.jpg (26929 bytes)

At long last the kitchen is complete...

and we have recovered the living room.

A big thanks to everyone who helped us out.  It was an enormous task and made much easier by the use of many hands. Now it's payback time as we owe you all a lot of dinner parties to enjoy the new kitchen.

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