Halloween 2011

Elm Street again!







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This year's party was a gas. We staged it the weekend after Halloween and I think that let people come a bit more relaxed. We also started a bit earlier, but ended just as late. Angela took responsibility for the rat loaf and I tried a new meatball recipe from Cook's Illustrated. Both were fantastic. I got a lot of compliments on the meat balls. I made some fizzy grapes (infused with CO2 from a siphon) but they weren't great. The fizziness was interesting, but Angela's first reaction: "they're spoiled."

For fun I put out a pile of head cheese. Most people didn't know what it was. A few knew, and a few of them ate it.

I wish I had more photos of everyone. Here's what I have.






Carol and Mary

Denise and JP - they are *not* furries. no no no!



Rob as Lord Vader with the kids to battle him.


Dina as the bad Catholic school girl.

Don and Cindy


V just blends into the wall



Jen and Alain

With twins



Ken and JD - 99%er and 1%er


Me, a poor iPhone developer

Really, buy my app here


Angela's inspired last minute idea

The kids loved it.