Halloween 2008

Brace for rain! The day was blustery and we got some good downpours. That, however, was not enough to keep away a crowd of friends looking for a good time.

This year almost everyone was in costume. The kids ran wild - a neighbor even came over to complain about the screeching.

We did a quick count: 36 adults, 13 kids. And those kids kept us running.

The next day we spent hours cleaning up. It was worth it.


Rob, Angela, Casey

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Uncle Fester and Morticia

Japanese Restaurant Double Header


Court Jesters

In costume as Furries


Carol the Moth

Dean as Capitan Morgana

Casey and Julie


Jim and JP




Glenda, Carol, Dee

Mary and Jim as Fall and Winter


Sally and Dina - with bones showing

Fred and Lon


Nancy ready to travel

Richard checks Pat's heart


    Ravizza Clan


  Dina, Richard, Pat


Three visually impaired in costume

Vivian and Matt


The Aduts

Eli as Russian Spy



Doctor Richard

JP and One Youngster  


Jen and Alain and the twins