Halloween 2005

    Scared to taste the foods...




frankenstien in a top hat and his bride

Draak and Lori


This year was started off with a buying spree of new decorations. Who could resist at 30% off? We swept the furniture into the corners and rolled up the rug. The year we augmented the rat loaf with eye balls and wormy soup - delicious.

two mad scientists world war one nurse and baby
Two mad scientists? Carol with little Marco, the youngest bowling team member.


two toughs with fake tattoos boy and girl in boat costume

Is that what my costume looked like? Yikes.
The local toughs with temporary tattoos


Emily and Matt as "not a shred of evidence" - hah! The kids found a place away from us.
young woman in a chair and a butterfly outfit bald man, farm girl, and baby
Jen 1 - Petit Papillon Leonard, William, and Jen 2


costumes: doctor in blue scrubs and woman in flight suit\ man with a nice big white beard and glasses
Tom and Judy Always nice to see John


parents with daughter in Wonder Woman costume baby dressed as a garden gnome
The Torbinsons and Wonder Woman Garden Gnome and Jon


  woman in gardening glothes and zorro in white hat
  Dee and Fred - the mark of Zorro


60's man and bride of frankenstien man in skeleton mask with flower lei and a woman wrapped in grape vines with a bottle of wine
JD and Lori JP and Denise


woman indian costume and cowboy woman in cleopatra costume, man in Roman citizen garb, man dressed in black as Howard Stern
Mary and Jim Pam, Vance, Stan


Woman in Mardi Gras beads and man in phantom of the opera costume woman in dress and grape vine wearing suspenders and a cardboard boat
Angela and Bob Denise testing the Boat, what she was planning to do with it was questionable


The Prince - Godfrey clan


There is no way to hide


Man wearing leather jacket and cat ears

Cool Cat


frankenstein looking like a mummer

With the feather Draak could be a Mummer!

father and son in bowling shirts

Tom feeding Marco




meat loaf in the shape of a rat with olive eyes and pretzel whiskers eye ball looking food made by stuffing green grapes into lychee
The year's rat - sweet? No, savory Lychee-grape eye balls


Denise wins this years "most photographed" award.