Sunday Around Berkeley

March 2004 

berkeley and san francisco bay view from a hill top

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Jen Smith invited us over for a day of fooling around in the city that never sleeps because its all hopped up. Here are some of the places we saw that day.

waiting to get food at thai buddhist timple in berkeley

It started with a brunch at a Thai Buddhist temple on Russell street. The food was hot from steam tables, cost very little, and the people watching was good.

gnarled manzanita tree trunk in tilden park

Then we were off to Tilden Park. I think it is the biggest open space park in California. Huge. We went to the native plant area. Collected from all over the state. Here's a madrone that looks like it is wrestling with itself.


knotted wood bark in tilden park close up view of a knot in wood bark
Those who know me, know that I have a thing for textures and colors and contrasts. I love these pictures of bark. Shrunk here they loose some of their vibrancy. I'm having them blown up to 8x10 for my house.


art back yard in berkeley california showing pink ceramic bamboo sculpture bullwinkle's house interior in berkeley california showing cut steel sculpture

This is a picture of the interior of the Our Garden house. Every wall and table is covered in art. Either original art, found art, or purchased art. It is a really fun place to visit.

So we ended up at Our Garden in the back of Our House in Berkeley. These plants are hollow ceramic bones threaded onto cement reinforcing rods. "Planted" in the ground, they wave gently when touched. Cool. Note the bowling balls. They grow everywhere. I guess they like the soil.


storm grate with leaves on it Who knows why I keep this one. I just like it.