March Madness


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A lot has gone on and this is my first shot at doing a bunch of events on one page. And now I find that I screwed up batch mode in Paint Shop Pro 8 - I resized my pictures in an experiment and it overwrote them all. Crap. So you will find these photos are not up to my normal standards. Glad I learned that lesson early in my PSP education!

Alternative Press Exposition (APE) in SF

Atomic Bear Press had a booth and I helped by giving him some bathroom and food breaks. 

atomic bear press at ape, brian kolm standing in booth

Here's Brian Kolm in all his glory! 

view of a vendor table at alternative press expo in San Francisco

This is the view from the AB booth.

You can see that there was quite a crowd for the show. David of Art Primadonna showed up with Gwen as well.

crowd view alternative press expo in San Francisco crowd view alternative press expo in San Francisco

Citizen Kane

citizen kane showing on the projection tv home theater people sitting in living room watching citizen kane on the big screen

Citizen Kane lived up to its billing as one of the great movies of all time. We listened to some of the Ebert narrative and it was quite an education. It was interesting to learn about all the "tricks" employed. Today they seem tame, but for that day they left audiences spinning in their seats.

Mardi Gras

two girls at mardi gras party nude naked, not really mardi gras party
Thanks to Denise for having yet another fun party to celebrate the new year. The crowd was lively and we shared stories with old friends. I don't know the woman on the left, but her earrings blinked, and so did her nipples. Ya gotta' love a party!

St. Patrick's Day

st. patricks day with three friends sitting on the curb crowd on the street of downtown campbell
The City of Campbell does a great job of local street celebrations. The cute downtown is easily blocked off and the merchants cooperate to bring people in. This time we showed up for St. Patrick's day. The crowd was nice and not too big. I like that small town feeling.

On Any Sunday

people at table in Orchard Valley Roasting Company coffee shop campbell california Sunday morning farmers market
On any Sunday downtown Campbell is set up for a local farmer's market. It used to be that any Sunday would find me at Orchard Valley Roasting Company. Seen here with Bob and Carolyn. I love the morning cafe life.


earthquake warning sign hidden behind a house plant

However, this hidden structural warning is certainly troubling. So, the place is unsafe and we're letting you know by putting this small sign behind some plants. Huh.

Saratoga Snow

And I leave you with this view of snow in downtown Saratoga, California in March. At least it looks like snow. For two days each Spring the cherry blossom trees let go of their petals and a gentle wind whirls them to the ground. The detritus piles up in drifts and for those two days you would think it is snowing. Beautiful

snow in downtown saratoga california, really cherry blossom leaves piled in the street