Halloween 2004

Another spooky time




The work started a week ago when she began hanging decorations and moving the furniture around. Table out, couch in. We (she) moved most of the furnishings out of the yellow room and into other positions. In the end, the house layout is better now than ever before. I think things are going to stay where they are. Then there was the week of list making and Trader Joe visiting. Saturday was my day. While she was doing the Filoli thing I cooked - literally. Four meat meatloaf. Veggie plate. Assorted other goodies. It ended Saturday night when the guests arrived and created a fantastic party. 

A good number of the photos below came from Rich Kolm's camera. Good eye!

Rich, Carol, Carolyn, Brian Gypsy, army man, adventurer, wild wombat, ninja, and carrot. They were all there.


Murdering Tweety Bird?
Edie and Carson (as "Chinko de Mayo")


Lots of eating... ... and drinking.


Scariest costume masks ever!
Fred and Sally 


They all had costumes, honest
Gayle showed up!


Food was everywhere Rhona, Gary and Jackie


This year we did a self guided basement tour

Ruth as the bat, Linda as the bad witch, and Mike as the wizard


Stacy and Tom. Next year - plus one.
Valentine the French guy stands by while Carson squeezes his loaf


They tried to get her on film. Not this time... ... and then we got her in the background!


Carson and Mike

The look put people off, but they ate the companion without knowing it was the brother of this rat.


Fred, Diane, Mary

Edie and Carson

And tons o' food.


Pre party prep. There was more food than you could shove onto several tables.
A cutie.


Elaine with a fantastic outfit. Cecily thought the carrot top looked too dumb so she didn't wear it. I think it looks ok.



Cecily doing the Rabbit


Jackie and Carol
Diane and Jim


Jane and Barbara
Full pirate regalia. Although, he's not Johnny Depp.


Jim and Rich taking a breather Kathryn, Jim, Greg


Jackie and the Hairspray Girls Mike and Linda


Nancy and Elaine Team Wingfish and soon to be Team Gonzales


Brian and Carol Brian and Edie


Brian and Diane Angela and Brian


Just in case you wondered what the babies really looked like. Little angels.


The house stands ready for next year...