College Reunion 2004



I must admit that we farted around all Summer trying to plan this. Eventually Rick said, "Who's in charge?" Well he always plans it so I said, "me". Thus began a slow slide into August, September, October, until the only pre Thanksgiving weekend left was the one we jumped on. 

Late in the season camping is out, hotels are in. Dave and Steph took on the Apple Farm and we stayed across the street. Kevin came along and held his own at both poker and the bocce ball tournament. Here are a few pictures for those who may have missed the festivities.

A line up of the usual suspects:

Dave: father of five (to be) Stephanie: the good wife


Kevin: cool, but he is hangin' with the old dudes... probably just taking their money at poker Rick: I said, stay out of my face!


Tom: the brains behind it all Lucas: he thinks Kevin is an old dude


Shy, elusive, she was only captured with the use of a telephoto lens A little horse play


We had to practice this one a few times. Once we got it, Kevin snapped the 
picture.  We're too old for this stuff. I don't think any of us have done this since 
our cheerleading days. We were lucky that nobody got hurt! Still, if Diane and 
RonO make it next year we might try the six man kerfuffle one last time; 
hope no one breaks a hip.