Halloween 2003

          Costumes Galore


halloween party with gandalf, butterfly, and micky mouse costumes

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On a whim we decided to do a Halloween party this year. Costumes were encouraged, but we made it clear that they were optional. We didn't want anyone to stay home just because they were not into the "dress up thing." It looks like we misjudged our friends. almost 100 people showed up to give the house a work over. This was the first party with the old door on the first floor re-opened and it worked out fantastically. We had plenty of room and the crowd just buzzed with conversation. Thanks to everyone who came. We might need to do it again next year!

halloween costumes of blue man and glittery woman

Bob and Carolyn, with Richard giving them the eye.

halloween costume of screwdrivers through their heads

Cindy and friend were the most gruesome.


tin man halloween costume

Dave's Tinman was a show of creativity.

halloween costume of vampire and magician naked

Carson and Edie didn't want to come in costume; maybe next year?


halloween costumes, lab worker, powder puff girl, two clowns

With the other half of the house open, the kitchen didn't fill up with people this time.

halloween costumes: glitter girl, skunk, medussa, clowns

Julie's tummy had a vibrating cushion in it - that was a laugh. Dean is barely visible in the back.


halloween costumes: Venice courtier, man in scrubs, magician

Jackie, Rich, Carson with Tiger.

halloween costumes: skunks, miss transelvania

Dena, Matt, Sue, Sally, Denise


halloween costumes: bad harry potter, miss transylvania

Me and Denise - I love her outfit.

halloween costumes: miss demeanor, naughty nurse, flapper

Janet and friends.



halloween costumes: nurse, old socialite, miss demeanor, and magician doing a rope trick

Carson amazed everyone with his magic tricks.

halloween costumes: hershey's kiss, flapper, red man

Karen and friends. See Dale's great Sir Galahad in the background?


halloween party

You can see the newly discovered pocket doors.

halloween party, pumpkin costume

Nancy and Charlie.


halloween costumes: woman duck, girl tiger

Such a cute couple!

halloween costume: Austin Powers and a beer

Ah Rick. Nicely done.


halloween costume: moster, cat in the hat

Dave was the first to arrive and terrorize us with his costume.

halloween costume: Harry Potter - troubled teen

Orange bat girl and Harry Potter, troubled teen.


halloween party costume: jester

Jim, Brian, Peggy - she just happened to be in town!

four cute halloween costumes

Happy party goers.



halloween party tin man

Alison is sporting her signature smile. It melts all hearts.

halloween party four people standing together

Everyone is smiles when the Cat In The Hat is around.


When it was all over we had quite a set out for the trashman.  bottles and cans in recyling boxes after the halloween party