Yes, I'm the author of this little program.  I wrote it long ago when the web was young, when I was tired of trying to sort out my photos for the web site. I like the thumbnail view of Paint Shop Pro (an excellent program), but I wanted to show my family and friends a set of photos I'd scanned. 

I wrote htmlgview in Visual Basic. It scans the directory it is run in for files with graphic extensions (.gif, .jpg, etc) and then builds an HTML page that can be used to view the pictures. The HTML has Java script in it to provide navigation and screen show functions.

Htmlgview is shareware and I released it into the wilds in May 1998.  It went out on Simtel and after that it was spread all over the place. It has way outlived its usefulness, but on the web old shareware never dies. If you search Google for "htmlgview" you'll see the reach of Simtel.