Bob's 40th


A good time was had by all.  

After a rendezvous in LA, we boarded this big bad boy. Angela and I got a free upgrade to a top end cabin. Why? Don't know. Our cabin was spacious - as cabins go - and had a private deck overlooking the prop wash. I liked to open the doors and let the full force gale clear out the stale air of our place. (Angela liked to keep both doors closed.)

We spent a day in San Diego. Angela and I visited the zoo with her aunt and niece. The SD zoo never fails to please me. I'm sure it's no fun for the animals, but the environment for the tourists is one of the best.  We also had our first visit to Avalon on Catalina Island. This is a very special place. I found it to be much like Capitola, except that the tourists can only come by boat so there aren't as many of them. I'd like to go back for a week of island relaxation some time.  Last stop was Ensenada - I didn't even bother to leave the boat.

The view was not always so hot.