Saratoga Web Cam

Thanks to Veo!


UPDATE November 2006

Sadly, the web cam is offline for a while... No fault of its own. More on this later.


Original story:

Paul and I discovered the joys of owning a web cam. The Veo is a cute little wireless gadget that can go almost anywhere. Once installed, a remote user can log in and watch the goings on of someone else. Quite a voyeuristic thing to do. Paul's camera is in Palm Springs, mine is in Saratoga. (You must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Paul's page has a lot of good help information for you about operating the camera.)

The first time you go to my web cam it will ask to download a small applet to your PC. It is safe. If you don't install the applet then you won't be able to view the camera. After that you log in with . . .

Username = user
Password = 1234

Only one person can be on the camera at a time, so don't hog all the time. 

If you visit the web cam, please drop me an email (mailto: ) so that I can know you've been by. I'm working on a an outdoor mount. Once that's up you'll be able to see the downtown area and maybe even the SF Bay!

Sometimes you'll get a "page not available."  Maybe my router needs to be reset - send me an email. Or sometimes you just have to try a refresh to get it to work. You'd think these network components would be very reliable, but alas that is not so.



And here's another web cam pic that is sometimes updated, sometimes not. It's really just an experiment at this time.