List Project: Terra Nova

What is this page and why have you found it?  This page is meant for me to find you! 

I've been involved with a web site that lists my ancestors. The site gets visited by people from all over the world who find the site through web search engines.  I wondered if the same thing would work to help me get back in touch with people I haven't seen in a long time.  So, I put together a few pages of the names of people I knew at different times in my life.  If you found this page, I'm hoping that you are one of the people listed here. 

This list page is for my time at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, California

If you used to know me, why not email me ... and say hello.



Jeff Frye,  Scott Riewerts, Tom Minshew, Debbie Alexander, Carol Newton, Sharon Montoya, Debbie Alexander,

Mark Engalla, Brett Jorgenson, Randy McBride, Diane Durkin, Maureen Ballard, Cindi Benedetti, Steve Petersen,

Eva Marshment, Kathy Pritchett, Karen     , Maria





Nancy Vincler


Al Pucci


Tom Panagoulias



(got to get out my yearbook to shake the memories up a bit...)