Thanks to Henry at the Sims-Mitchell House in Virginia  for pointing out that Tempurpedic took my advice and added a list of accommodations to their web site.

Other Rants and Raves


From: Jim Schrempp
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 11:02 AM
To: customerservice @ tempurpedic. com
Subject: A suggestion


I've considered sending you this email many times, and now I'm going to. I looked in my sent mail and couldn't find one to you. I hope this is not a repeat...

I have long looked at your ads and even laid on your mattress at a Brookstone store. Still, I wonder if it will really be that comfortable over a whole night. I'm sure others share my concern. I assume that's why some of your ads offer to send out a free sample.

My idea is for you to team up with a hotel chain and have them put one of your mattresses in just one of their rooms in key locations around the country. Then your ads could be co-branded to say, "test out the Tempurpedic bed the next time you stay in a Quality Suites hotel" or some such thing. "Book a room at the Quality Suites for the first good night's sleep of the rest of your life." You get the idea.

For me, I'm certainly interested in your bed, but I don't want to pay $1000 and then find out I don't like it. Testing it for a night or two at a local hotel would lower a barrier to purchase for me.

If I've forgotten and sent you this before, then please forgive me and ignore this note.

Best Regards,


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From: Cris Chase [mailto:xxx.yyyy@tempurpedic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 8:14 AM
Subject: RE: A suggestion

Thank you for your suggestion. We do have a few hotels that have our products. Here is a list, in case you are interested:

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Crowne Plaza - New York
Crowne Plaza - Redondo Beach
Crowne Plaza - Atlanta
Marriott's Griffin Gate Resort
Renaissance Beverly Hills


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From: Jim Schrempp

Damn, I used to stay in the Crowne Plaza Atlanta. I wish I'd known about this. Maybe they'll get a place in San Jose soon.


May 2006 - About 18 months ago Alan convinced me to try a dense foam top pad. I got one from www.myrest.com (which has disappeared from the net) I got the Memory Foam 5.5lb Top Cal King 72x84x4. It cost a whopping $400. The thing was delivered to work in a big box, and it weighed quite a bit; I think that's good. At home I freed the monster from its box in the living room and it slowly expanded, the way that foam will, into a large slab, 4-inches thick, and the size of my California King mattress.  Then I tried to pick it up to carry it upstairs. Uh-oh.

As you can imagine, that big slab of foam was heavy and non-compliant. I got some help and two of us struggled to contain the thing while heaving it up the stairs. Getting it onto the bed top was also a chore. We were sweating when it was finally in place.

What's it like to sleep on? Pure heaven!! I sleep on my side and the down shoulder used to get crampy and pushed out of shape. Now? I lay on one side and I don't think I move all night long. I was worried that laying in a bed of foam would be too hot. That has not been a problem. I thought rolling over would be painful as the foam would already be in the shape of my other side. Not a problem. The foam also does a nice job of isolating the two sides of the bed.

If you have not bought one because you're worried about the feeling, don't worry. I can only imagine what the full on Tempurpedic bed is like. This was a very well spent $400

Any gripes? Sure. I've found it very hard to keep the fitted sheets in place. The edges of the foam topper keep curling up. And something about sleeping habits on this foam keep the mattress pad shuttling off to one side.



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